Ashes into GlassĀ® jewellery symbolises eternal love and togetherness. By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you will connect with your loved one and share special moments together. Each item of jewellery tells a story that is deeply personal to you and will shine with its own character. We create a one […]


Remember Your Loved One We believe that life’s moments should be expressed individually and beautifully. The Royal British Legion’s Remembrance Poppy is probably the most well-known pin badge in the UK, however the use of small pieces like these as symbols of remembrance dates back to Victorian era. ‘In Memory Pins’ have been developed for […]


YES YOU CERTAINLY CAN! I love being asked this question as it gives me an opportunity to clear up a common misconception about pre-arranging. Pre-arranging is not the same as pre-paid funeral plan. Whilst pre-paid funeral plans are an option, it is most certainly not a requirement and definitely not something you should feel pressured […]


From my two previous blogs on Classical and Religious Music to Funeral Hymns it is only fair that I share with you some of the most popular Modern Music that clients have asked to be played in Church or Crematorium Chapel. The list below is a guide to help you, but there might be songs […]


From my previous blog on Classical and Religious music it is only right that I share with you some of the most popular funeral hymns clients have requested to be played and sung in a Church setting or Crematorium Chapel. In addition to bringing peace and comfort for the grieving, hymns stir memories of faith […]


Music is an integral part of a Funeral Service from modern music becoming more popular in Funeral Services, classical music is still the traditional sound, with or without lyrics. A congregation is free to interpret the music and grieve in their own way. I have collated a list of popular classical and religious music that […]

Pacemakers – Why Are They Removed Before A Cremation?

This question has been asked many times over the years. The reason behind the removal of a pacemaker is due to the fact that a cremator can reach a very high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Pacemakers contain batteries which contain gas, depending on the year of manufacture these gases could be hydrogen, iodine or […]


A bereavement is a sensitive time when family and friends experience a wide range of emotions. The timeless beauty of flowers provides that unique opportunity to express those feelings and can bring comfort to the bereaved. I can provide through my local florist that fitting arrangement from a loosely styled natural arrangement to a more […]


Headstones come in all shapes and sizes, a walk through your local cemetery or churchyard is an introduction to many shapes available. This might be where you first look for ideas or inspiration to start your search for that fitting headstone or memorial for your loved ones grave. There’s a lot to consider when it […]

The Forget-Me-Not Logo

I have chosen the Forget-Me-Not logo as brand logo to represent your ‘Loved One’ lives on in our hearts and memories.